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The entries for "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Milo Yiannopoulos" appear to be ringers added by someone who wants to screw with us. They are characters in The Fountainhead and 50 Shades of Grey, respectively. -- jdgalt

Good Starter Source of Hollywood SJWs

Anyone who has signed this letter addressed to Georgia over their religious freedom bill and threatened their state government with a boycott over their policies is a lock for inclusion. Check it out;

SteelPalm (talk) 17:17, 20 April 2016 (PDT)

No Celebrities

Pursuant to a discussion with Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff, as well as a comment he made on his site, we should, at present, abstain from listing celebrities. There might be a celebrity section in the future, but for now, I will take those names down. SteelPalm (talk) 18:05, 9 April 2016 (PDT)

Opinions on linking to pedophilia page on the main page

Too much too fast? It seems like you can't push too fast in a blitzkrieg. Here's how it looked. Lee (talk) 05:15, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Poor organization. Single SJW issues do not belong on the main page. SJW Hunter (talk) 02:07, 10 April 2016 (PDT)

Mission Statement

Leave it alone. Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff made it clear on Twitter to Frankie Muniz that the official purpose of the list is to help SJWs collect vespene gas with SJW-friendly organizations. Take it up with him. 07:25, 20 April 2016 (PDT)

  • I'm very sorry I'm not privy Lee (talk) to the twitter account to Milo. Now, that has been explained well then the sentence makes sense. At first it didn't. I was under the impression that it is to out SJWs so they other organizations won't hire them; Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff is always going on to NOT let these people in so I thought that was the purpose of this sight. So after the project starts, we are told the mission--- it is about getting SJWs hired. Okay. So this is a satirical site. Thanks for the update. WHEELER (talk) 10:33, 10 April 2016 (PDT)

That wasn't me, but I'd trust Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff and Macaulay Culkin to know what they're doing in the middle of a shitstorm. Lee (talk) 03:52, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Known trolls/vandals/etc.

Last updated by Lee (talk) 1:06, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Sasha (blocked) Shadowdancer (blocked) The unknown prince (blocked) Sjw (blocked) ‎Fuck Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff with a cactus (blocked) JiminyJilickers (blocked) ScroogeMcCuck97 (blocked) JiminyJilickersForgotPassword (blocked) Infinite Hotel (blocked) Raganwald (blocked) Keffie (blocked)

People are having trouble with the aliases

I've moved the aliases page to a subheading on the main page. This seems appropriate to me because a lot of people will be using Ctrl-F. Lee (talk) 10:15, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Admin: Please unlock main page to these editors

Lists last updated by Lee (talk) 11:11, 10 April 2016 (EST)

There is vandalism, but right now there are many, many more legit edits being made than vandalism. Lee (talk) 10:33, 10 April 2016 (EST)

UPDATE: The vandals, trolls, etc. are now posting more than legit editors. Admin, use your judgment. Lee (talk) 4:12, 10 April 2016 (EST)


(NB: These are just my opinions about who's trustworthy, based on their edit history.)

Admin, SJW Hunter, Lee, WerePuppy, Chvrches, Peppermint, LACLM, Venona, Historian, Xathor, Lett Guo, Ssm, WHEELER, SteelPalm, GoldenIpodTwo, Reporter, Anonymous, Snidely Whiplash, Jdgalt, Vfm6306, Chananon, VD, SJW Hunter, Sjslayer, ScroogeMcCuck97, APMaC, LACLM, Brassmonkey3434, Link, Coigrelk


Scottraymond (he's a self-identifying SJW who's honestly added his own page, presumably because he's a clueless idealist)


Sasha, Stormdancer, The unknown prince, Sjw, Fuck vox day with a cactus, JiminyJilickers, JiminyJilickersForgotPassword, Infinite Hotel, Raganwald, Keffie

We're not unlocking the main page to anyone else. The expected vandals have shown up. Add the pages, the admins will see them and add them to the main list. We don't want lots of people editing the main page.

Task list

Put requests and big to-do items here. Lee (talk) 10:39, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Brianna Wu is an alias, doesn't belong on the main list Peppermint (talk) 08:02, 10 April 2016 (PDT)

See discussion above. Lee (talk) 10:03, 10 April 2016 (EST)

My mistake, Brianna Wu is double-posted in the aliases and the list itself. Lee (talk) 12:15, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Queue for SJW pages that need to be linked on the main page

Temporary solution: To make a new page for someone, e.g. "Randall Munroe", do a search for their name and click 'Create the page "Randall Munroe" on this wiki!' Then link to it here. Lee (talk) 10:48, 10 April 2016 (EST)

I'd like to add myself to the list. Page here:

Tyler Malka [1]

Kris Graft of Gamasutra [2] [3]

Allison Rapp escort illegal [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Arthur Gies of Polygon [12]

Danielle Riendeau of Polgygon lowers score of Dragons Crown based on politics and not game quality [13]

John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun wants to lower scores for games for not including his politics [14]

Emory Phd Samantha Allen [15][16]

Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn Sunset Devs [17]

Brandon Boyer [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]

Daphny Drucilla Delight David letting someone else use your ebt is illegal [23]

Mattie Brice [24]

Lee Schönfelder [25] Lee (talk)


We need backups and distribution for hardening. Tim Chevalier is already trying to get the ISP to take the whole thing down. Weird, we're just praising his commitment to social justice so similarly minded employers can find him more easily.

I don't know how to do this myself so please tap your IT buddies for quick solutions.

Admin, do you have this thing backed up? I've downloaded snapshots with HTTrack every few hours but these are HTML files and it will be a pain to manually enter everything again with formatting and links. Lee (talk) 11:22, 10 April 2016 (EST)

I've moved the site to another host and put it behind CloudFlare. I'm making a backup of the DB right now. Admin 15:14, 10 April 2016 (EST)


Currently active categories (add as needed) Converged professions: Academic Journalist

Partially converged professions: Software Development

General Behavior: Event Disruptor Purger Snitch Bearing false witness Bruiser Malicious

Actions: Code of Conduct GamerGate LambdaConf signatory Twitter Trust and Safety Council

TODO: we need these categories listed somewhere on the front page, IMO. Sjslayer (talk)

NOTE: I tried working on this, but the page is protected. Please consider white-listing me. Sjslayer (talk)

List of purgees / method of purge

We should list victims of purges and how they were operated on:

  • Matt Taylor for wearing a shirt with women
  • Tim Hunt for making a joke about 'crying women'
  • Brendan Eich for donating to a political campaign about gay marriage
  • Curtis Yarvin for raising politically-incorrect philosophical questions in his unrelated writings (black-balled from from StrangeLoop, but not LambdaConf).

The megapost on Handle's Haus is linked at the bottom. Lee (talk) 1:56, 10 April 2016 (EST)

(Archived version here.)

Multiple Columns?

Can we use multiple columns on persons list? The list has gotten long, and would be more information-dense with multiple columns if possible.

A way to remove people who renounce their intolerant actions / beliefs.

A lot of engineers are just unaware of the untenability of their position, and will probably come around to a more tolerant view in time.

What will be the process of updating or removing their name from this list? Sjslayer (talk)

If they made their bones, they can't take it back. If they just signed a petition or showed up at a protest or piled on in a two-minutes hate, they did that publicly, I would support removing them if they publicly recant their hatred and intolerance Peppermint (talk) 12:15, 10 April 2016 (PDT)

Signatures are still pouring in to the LambdaConf Statement

Admin or WerePuppy please mass add the new names to the main page.

Lee (talk) 3:56, 10 April 2016 (EST)

UPDATE: SJWs in tech are going to catch on eventually and try to poison this list. The organizers will double-down, but it looks like they don't really look closely at the incoming signatures, so trolls can start putting false names in there. I suggest that after tonight, we consider that well poisoned. Lee (talk) 7:12, 10 April 2016 (EST)

Agreed, as it's the early-adopters who signed who are most likely to be the real malicious SJWs anyways. Besides, too many names could water this list down as well. Sjslayer (talk)

ATTN Admin

I've collected a bunch of new LambdaConf signatories [26] and made pages for all of them, but they need to be added to the main list.

About half of them provided parenthetical information to help identify them. I suggest that be left next to their names on the main page.

Public Profiles/Social Media accounts

What's the policy on linking/referencing to an SJW's social media accounts within their articles? For example, would it be acceptable to link to the Linkedin profiles of the LambdaConf signatories? User:Coigrelk

I personally think a link to the linkedin of someone who is trying to hurt another person's career is justified, but that's just me. Sjslayer (talk)

You Are a Big Gaggle of Retards

Your list isn't anywhere near complete or coherent.

You set rules that you immediately break before you get through two letters of the alphabet.

You have countless links to names where your "proof" is supposed to be that go to non-existent pages on your own wiki.

Info Wars Dot Com.

Jesse Ventura 2016. Lee (talk) 16:20, 20 April 2016