Heather Hackman

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Education activist, former professor of multicultural education at St. Cloud State University, and speaker at the 17th annual White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia.

  • Openly talks about infiltrating organizations and subverting them for Social Justice purposes;

“My long game was, get you in, get you tenured, get you in that system and change that system” [1]

  • Claims modern education is hopelessly tainted by white supremacy and the “white imperial gaze”. White teachers who don't agree with Social Justice must be purged.

"If I was a white faculty member and unwilling to get with the program, I do not have any business in teacher education. We do see you, Super-Whitey. We’re coming for you."[2]

  • Advocates training prospective teachers in college to be activists as well as pedagogues.
  • Asserts that teachers shouldn’t even bother teaching if they aren’t committed to promoting social justice in school

“Education is not about the mere reproduction of knowledge,” Hackman said. “Education is the practice of freedom. And as a result, we have to have [teaching] students becomes activists as well as teachers.” [3]