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"the first ever search database that aggregates peoples social behavior and creates real profiles for them." --Candace Owens

  • Wave goodbye to cyberbullies and trolls. We are about to break the internet. Literally.
  • Thus far we have worked to collect data and create about 22,000 profiles from individuals that are surprising all over the employment spectrum (doctors, teachers, lawyers, you name it).
  • With your backing, we can expand our team of web analysts in order to create profiles at a faster rate, as our goal is to launch the database at 150,000 profiles. We will immediately apply your funding to hiring a team of paid interns for the summer, and our continuing web development. We will devote all remaining funds toward our legal team, which we are going to need intact when we bring this site live.

See also Chelsea Van Valkenburg and Randi Lee Harper

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