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SJW CEo at Clef. Supported efforts to no-platform Curtis Yarvin at LambdaConf.
''"Everyone I know who is not a white dude who has weighed in, has weighed in on the side of not supporting the conference," says Brennen Byrne, CEO and cofounder of Oakland-based cybersecurity startup Clef. He says programming conferences play a significant role in the careers of engineers, as they do for researchers and academics in other fields. For a startup like Clef, which makes explicit efforts to recruit a diverse staff, it's a problem if minority coders feel uncomfortable at conferences. "We know already that people are being pushed out of this career," Byrne says -- and if minority programmers don't feel comfortable at conferences, that will only contribute to such a trend.''
*[http://www.inc.com/tess-townsend/why-it-matters-that-an-obscure-programming-conference-is-hosting-mencius-moldbug.html Controversy Rages Over 'Pro-Slavery' Tech Speaker Curtis Yarvin]
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