Annaliese Nielsen

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Annaliese Nielsen is the founder of a women's online group of "movers and shakers" styled after traditional sororities [1].

SJW Credentials

Nielsen was offended by a Lady Lola doll on a Lyft driver's dash, so she lodged a complaint with his employer and threatened to have him publicly shamed on Gawker [2]. Nielsen took a video of the encounter with her smartphone, which was leaked to Lauren Southern who posted it on the internet. According to Southern, the Lyft driver contacted her to say he was fired from Lyft until he showed them Nielsen's smartphone video (he was reinstated a few days later) [3]. Southern also posted a picture of the mess Nielsen had left in the car [4].

Falsely accusing a man of rape and arson

Nielsen tried to frame a man and successfully got law enforcement involved. He was finally proven to be innocent. Nielsen never served any jail time for her role in this [5].


Annaliese Nielsen runs a cult that brainwashes its members with "feminist" and "social justice" nonsense but in fact, she does not seem to believe what she preaches. did an expose on her cult [6].