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The reason for having events be categories was

  • The wiki is about persons, not events. Events are interesting because they reveal the connection between the persons connected to them.
  • Easier to manage links between events and persons when it's managed by the computer. Data integrity is going to be a huge problem for this wiki. Someone who knows about an event should be able to click on the event's page and see all the persons connected to it, and there should be no other way to suggest on a person's page that they are connected to the event, so it will be impossible to create a page with no links in so no one knows it's there that links to events, and then make fun of the wiki for having bad data or even sue the wiki for containing false statements.

Peppermint (talk) 20:41, 15 April 2016 (PDT)

The profession categories Academia and Journalism were for recording which persons were academics or journalists, because those fields are so important to SJWs structurally. Then someone wanted a Software Development profession category, and added it. I don't think it's really useful to know which SJWs are in that field, but whatever.

Were you saying events should be put in profession categories? That would mean we couldn't count the number of people in each category easily for statistics. What would be the benefit? When we get enough events, it might be nice to categorize them into no platforming, firing, crime hoaxing, etc, but isn't as important as categorizing persons, since if the SJWs come and hoax an event, they could only sue the wiki based on messing with person pages to add them to the event anyway.

psst- i know about the admin chat but i don't want to use any of my accounts to log in there. lee posted to me about it then deleted it so a casual onlooker wouldn't find it.

Best, Peppermint (talk) 23:44, 16 April 2016 (PDT)

Need to add the Duke "Group of 88", and perhaps a background article on the Duke rape hoax.

At least those who have not retracted their signature.

From Wikipedia:

The Group of 88 was a term applied to 88 professors at Duke University who signed an advertisement published two weeks after a woman asserted that she was raped by members of Duke's lacrosse team. The assertion was later shown to be false, and the players declared innocent of all charges. The prosecuting district attorney Mike Nifong was judicially removed, charged with misconduct, and disbarred.

Karla F.C. Holloway, a professor of English and African-American Studies was the person who initially thought of placing the ad.[1]

Here's a back issue of Wikipedia (the list has since been deleted by SJWs I presume) with the list of signatories.