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I think this passage

"So what to do? Well, in my opinion, the best solution would be to ‘retire’ Slaanesh as a GW-produced faction and make the army Forge World’s property. If you’ve not read any of FW’s books, I can attest that they have demonstrated time and again that they can do nuance. Not to mention, FW’s models are NOT targeted at children, but explicitly as adult collectors, meaning it’s possible to completely ignore that issue of inappropriateness. GW as a company can completely take advantage of this, having its cake and eating it, and they should. Obviously, this does nothing to overcome the inherent problems of sexist models, or the deeply embedded homophobic and transphobic imagery, but that’s something which can be looked at over time in Black Library books, Forge World supplements, and FFG RPG supplements."

is more important, since it's the part where he actually tries to tell someone else what to do. He didn't say anyone should get fired or harmed in any way, he just went on and on with his immature musings on what it means to be an adult and fretted that there might be heresy in the Warhammer universe. Words like transphobia are implied threats of disemployment, but they're not in themselves threats.