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Steve Coll is Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, a Staff Writer at The New Yorker, and a founder and former CEO of the New America DC think tank.

Co-author of [1], a report on what happened in the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax.

Given the difficulties, journalists are rarely in a position to prove guilt or innocence in rape. “The real value of what we do as journalists is analyzing the response of the institutions to the accusation,” Bogdanich said. This approach can also make it easier to persuade both victims and perpetrators to talk. Lombardi said the women she interviewed were willing to help because the story was about how the system worked or didn’t work. The accused, on the other hand, was often open to talking about perceived failings of the adjudication process...

The responsibilities that universities have in preventing campus sexual assault - and the standards of performance they should be held to - are important matters of public interest. Rolling Stone was right to take them on. The pattern of its failure draws a map of how to do better.