Randi Lee Harper

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SJW activist responsible for getting Heartiste/Roissy and others banned from Twitter on trumped up complaints.

Controls the GGautoblocker

Founder of the “Online Abuse Prevention Initiative.”

The Developer Formerly Known as FreeBSDGirl

Im the reason you could install FreeBSD from a USB thumb drive.

Log where she says was being harassed by another FreeBSD person

freebsd community breathes sigh of relief as toxic activist Randi Harper finally quits

Harping on the hypocrisy and lies of twitters most notorious anti abuse activist Randi Harper part 1


"Harpers claim to fame is a Perl script called the "GGautoblocker"."

"Harper’s list functions on the principle of guilt by association. If you follow the wrong people, you are automatically added to the list, regardless of what you, personally, have done."

Twitter has a corruption issue

Gamergate isnt a harassment campaign states WAM report

Victim: Roberto Rosario, now former chairman of IGDA Puerto Rico

Randi Harper Creates Breitbart Twitter Blocklist

Twitter - Script is running to generate a blocklist for people following breitbart related accounts.

Gamergate related:

Victim: Data Scientist Chris von Csefalvay

Victim: Clair Schumann 1

Victim: Clair Schumann 2

Twitter mobs

Victim: Vivek Wadhwa - F*** Everything About This Guy

Victim: Vivek Wadhwa - Please go set yourself on fire

Victim: Vivek Wadhwa - Why I am stepping out of the debate

Amazon trolling against Wadhwa drag in Ann Rice

Has bully review removed by Amazon from a Wadhwa book

Randi Harper fights Amazons removal of her bully review

Renowned author calls out Randi Harpers Amazon trolling

Randi Harper, Part 2

Harper joins Quinn against Candace Owens and SocialAutopsy.com

How a torpedoed Kickstarter campaign unintentionally revealed an unlikely unit of cyber-terrorists

See also SocialAutopsy.com