Noah Leibowitz

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Created a Facebook page Say NO to Milo, an attempt to prevent him from speaking at American University.

"We will be meeting on the steps of MGC at 7:15pm. We will be holding a speak-out for students to talk about the institutional oppression that they face at AU, in order to disprove Milo's reactionary narrative that these issues do not exist. If you have something you want to say about the hypocrisy of our University, come out tonight and let your voice be heard!

Join us this Thursday to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, a reactionary journalist infamous for his deliberate expressions of transphobia, racism, and rape-apology, who will be speaking in MGC. While American University may pride itself on being an "affirming place" for trans students, an "inclusive environment" for multicultural students, and claims that it "honors survivors of sexual violence", the fact that it is providing a speaking platform to a man who has publicly advocated for the beheading of trans women, believes that "equality and diversity departments should only hire rich, straight white men", and claims that rape culture is a myth would suggest otherwise. However, while our administration may not care about the safety of trans students, multicultural students, and survivors of sexual violence, we, the students will unite to prove that we do care, and say NO to Milo's bigotry."