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In Early March, 2016, an SJW mob demanded LambdaConf, a functional programming conference, disinvite an invited speaker, Curtis Yarvin, as such a mob succeeded in doing with the 2015 Strange Loop conference. When LambdaConf declined, on On April 8, 2016, an ad hoc mob issued an open letter expressing their disappointment an renewing the call for disinvitation.

The Text

Statement on LambdaConf 2016

The organizers of LambdaConf, now in its third year, describe it as “one of the largest, most diverse gatherings of functional programmers in the world”. This year, it selected Curtis Yarvin as a speaker—a man known as a founder and advocate of an ideological movement that promotes racist bigotry, and as an apologist for slavery.

Yarvin's selection as a speaker says to marginalized people that their humanity is considered merely another matter for debate. LambdaConf cannot live up to its goal of being a “friendly community of like-minded souls” when it does not protect current and potential members of that community who are vulnerable to those who would deny their humanity.

We believe that functional programming should warmly welcome those who have been systemically excluded from participating in programming communities. We strongly object to LambdaConf's actions, which are a step backwards as we work together to share functional programming with a wide audience.

April 8th, 2016

The Signatories

LambdaConf Signatories

 The original list including signing date and voluntarily added affiliation
   Joseph Abrahamson (LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Andy Adams-Moran
   Carlo Angiuli (Carnegie Mellon University)
   Mario Aquino (co-organizer of Strange Loop, The Climate Corporation)
   Morgan Astra
   Lennart Augustsson
   Timothy Baldridge (developer at Cognitect)
   Gershom Bazerman (co-organizer Compose Conference, LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Josh Bohde
   Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant (Typed Clojure)
   James Brechtel
   Andrew Bromage (University of Melbourne)
   Travis Brown (Typelevel)
   Kevin Burke
   Sam Caldwell (Northeastern University)
   Harold Carr (LambdaConf 2014, 2015 speaker)
   Chris C Cerami
   Manuel Chakravarty (UNSW Australia; Haskell language, libraries & tools contributor)
   Tim Chevalier (Google)
   Kat Chuang (co-organizer Compose Conference)
   Athan Clark
   Alex Clemmer (Microsoft, !!Con co-founder)
   Declan Conlon
   Becky Conning
   Laurence E. Day (Haskell developer, Standard Chartered Bank)
   Allele Dev
   Reid Draper (Helium)
   Richard Eisenberg (U. of Pennsylvania, GHC implementor, LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Johnny Everson
   Mark Farrell (LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Richard Feldman (LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Jonathan Fischoff
   Adam Foltzer (Galois; Committee; LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Kenneth Foner (U. of Pennsylvania, co-organizer Hac Phi)
   Phil Freeman (PureScript; speaker, LambdaConf 2014, 2015)
   Harry Garrood
   Gabriel Gonzalez
   Austin Haas
   Coda Hale
   Elana Hashman
   Pat Hickey (Helium)
   Jenn Hillner (Cognitect)
   Libby Horacek (Position Development)
   John D. Hume
   Lars Hupel (Typelevel)
   Juan Pedro Villa Isaza (Stack Builders)
   Ranjit Jhala (University of California, San Diego; LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Joseph Kiniry (Research Lead, Galois; CEO and Chief Scientist, Free & Fair, LambdaConf 2015 contributor)
   Eric Y Kow (Haskell developer, Standard Chartered Bank)
   Edward Kmett (Haskell developer, HacBoston organizer)
   Geoffery S. Knauth (Lifelong Friend of GNU)
   Lindsey Kuper (Intel Labs; !!Con co-founder; ICFP Steering Committee member)
   Justin Leitgeb (CTO & Co-Founder, Stack Builders)
   Aaron Levin (SoundCloud)
   Melinda Lu (LambdaConf 2016 speaker - cancelled)
   Simon Marlow (co-author of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler)
   Vincent Marquez (LambdaConf 2015/2016 speaker)
   Chris Martens (UC Santa Cruz)
   Conor McBride (Mathematically Structured Programming group, University of Strathclyde)
   Andi McClure (LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Bartosz Milewski (keynote speaker: LambdaCon 2015, LambdaDays 2016)
   Alex Miller (Organizer of Strange Loop, Clojure team at Cognitect)
   Richard Minerich (co-organizer Compose Conference, NYC F# User Group)
   Adriaan Moors (Scala team lead at Lightbend)
   Jared Morrow (Helium)
   David Nolen (Cognitect)
   Liam O’Connor (UNSW Australia)
   Erik Osheim (Typelevel)
   Daniel Patterson (member/owner, Position Development)
   Dan Peebles
   Greg Pfeil (SlamData)
   Isaac Potoczny-Jones (Author of Haskell Cabal, Former Haskell Prime Chair)
   Prabhakar Ragde (University of Waterloo)
   Getty Ritter (Galois, Inc.)
   Tavis Rudd (Unbounce; Polyglot Software Meetup & Conference)
   Miles Sabin (Underscore Consulting and Typelevel)
   Tom Santero (Helium; MoonConf co-organizer)
   Kyle Schmidt
   Austin Seipp (Glasgow Haskell Compiler maintainer, ATX Haskell founder)
   Amar Shah (LambdaConf 2016 speaker - cancelled)
   Chung-chieh Shan (Indiana University; Haskell Symposium steering committee chair)
   Ghadi Shayban
   Satnam Singh
   Aditya Siram (LambdaConf 2016 speaker)
   Leon P Smith
   Jon Sterling (SlamData; PhD student, Carnegie Mellon University; LambdaConf 2015 speaker)
   Bodil Stokke (LambdaConf 2016 keynote speaker - cancelled)
   Wouter Swierstra (Universtiy of Utrecht)
   Asumu Takikawa (Racket developer)
   Patrick Thomson (Helium)
   Seth Tisue (Scala team at Lightbend)
   José Manuel Calderón Trilla (Galois, Inc.)
   Stew O’Connor (Typelevel, speaker: Lambdaconf 2015)
   David Van Horn (University of Maryland)
   Malcolm Wallace (Haskell developer at Standard Chartered Bank)
   Stephanie Weirich (University of Pennsylvania)
   John Wiegley
   Brent Yorgey (Hendrix College; former Haskell core library & committees)

Additional Signatories after April 8:

   Colin Barrett, 4/9/2016
   Rob Rix (GitHub, Inc.), 04/09/16
   Morgan Chen, 4/9/2016
   Chris Parks, 4/9/2016
   Evan Cofsky (Cofounder of LambdaNow, The UNIX Man Consulting), 2016/04/09
   Robert Atkey (Mathematically Structured Programming group, University of Strathclyde), 04/09/16
   Vitor Vieira, 4/9/2016
   Stephen A. Goss (Urban Airship), 04/09/16
   Mark Lentczner, 4/9/2016
   Jan Lehnardt (Erlang programmer, Vice President of Apache CouchDB at the Apache Software Foundation, JSConf EU Organiser, co-inventor of Hoodie), 04/09/2016
   Deian Stefan (UC San Diego; LambdaConf 2016 speaker - cancelled)
   Edwin Brady (University of St Andrews), 04/09/16
   Philippa Cowderoy, 04/9/2016
   Guillaume Allais (Radboud University Nijmegen), 04/09/16
   Piët Delport (pjdelport, community volunteer), 2016-04-09
   Hans Hübner, 4/9/2016
   Jan de Muijnck-Hughes (University of St Andrews), 04/09/16
   Martin Kühl, 04/09/16
   Andreas Halkjær From, 04/09/2016
   Steven Taschuk, 4/9/2016
   Sibi Prabakaran, 4/9/2016
   Alexandru Nedelcu (Eloquentix,, 4/9/2016
   Michael Daines, 04/09/16
   Darrin Eden (DigitalOcean), 4/9/2016
   Donald Ball (SparkFund), 4/9/2016
   David Hartunian, 04/09/16
   Juan Pablo Santos (Stack Builders), 04/09/16
   António Nuno Monteiro, 04/09/16
   Todd L. Montgomery, 04/09/2016
   Phillip Bowden (Brooklyn Computer Club), 04/09/16
   Ivan Storck, 04/09/2016
   Phil Darnowsky, 04/09/2016
   Richard Cordero, 04/09/2016
   Pierre-Yves Baccou, 04/09/2016
   Sebastian Jackel, 04/09/2016
   Mike Fikes, 4/9/2016
   Ryan McCuaig, 04/09/2016
   Ramsey Nasser, 04/09/2016
   Brian L. Troutwine (LambdaConf 2015 Speaker) 2016/04/09


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