Katherine Clark

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Katherine Clark is a member of the U.S. House Of Representatives, serving Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District. (https://archive.is/nW5P5)

SJW Credentials

-Represents John Walker Flynt/a.k.a. "Brianna Wu" in Congress and believes he is a victim of genuine threats, reached out to him, asked the Federal Bureau Of Investigation what they are doing to combat online harassment. (https://archive.is/cP4I0)

-Wrote a letter to the House Appropriations Committee, urging the Department Of Justice "intensify their efforts to investigate and prosecute cyber harassment, stalking, and threat crimes." The letter also claims that women (but not men) "are increasingly confronted with the reality that using the Internet in their personal and professional lives may subject them to abhorrent gender-based abuse." (https://archive.is/2E0h5)

-Wrote a letter to Twitter and the Apple Store demanding that they shut down the Twitter app Stolen, claiming that it "encourages harrassment" (https://archive.is/bYpOB) ; the app became unavailable for 3 months. (https://archive.is/KHYTn)