Jonathan McIntosh

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Jonathan McIntosh is a video producer who describes himself as a "pop-culture hacker and transformative storyteller". He is the co-writer of Feminist Frequency's "Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games" series. [1]

Some tweets:

"I'm sorry Valve but you don't get to make hate speech widely available, profit off it, and then pretend you're impartial in the transaction."

"#StopGamerGate2014 because the purple/green color scheme of #GamerGate and their mascot Vivian James is a reference to a 4chan rape joke." [2]

"The core value of patriarchal masculinity is control. It's not a coincidence that control is central to many video game mechanics & stories."

"Agreed. RT @HiFiHair: @RemingtonWild @radicalbytes I think we're in urgent need of games which aren't fun."

"What's stunning about these #gamergate sociopaths is that they honestly don't believe their harassment of women is harassment of women."