John Walker Flynt

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A transgendered activist best-known under the pseudonym of Brianna Wu.

John Walker Flynt tweeted to a company [1] "Hey, @ubisoft. Your Watch Dogs lead writer...doesn't think Gamergate is a hate group. I'd love to talk..." That is an aggressive action that put that writer's job in peril. In another tweet, [2] he said, "What you don't understand, Ethan: Your terrible, uninformed opinion makes women ask, "Do I want to work for @ubisoft?" in response to Ethan saying, "Am I worried about "losing my job" for having an opinion outside of work? Absolutely fucking not. Lets be real, people." Flynn then tweeted, [3] "You are affecting @ubisoft, the trust of women in buying your product, and their capacity to attract talent."

His Wiki page is here: [4].

He has called for the FBI to have access to IP addresses so online comments can be traced back to the people that made them. [5]: "So what’s next, what has to happen? “The most terrifying outcome from this would be if this becomes the new normal for women in this industry,” he says. “I can’t pretend there are easy answers. Both Zoe Quinn and I are represented by senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. I reached out to her this week, because I’d like to see what work can be done on a national policy level.

“We need legislation that requires sites like 8chan to store IP addresses. We need legislation that makes it possible for law enforcement to track down the people that do this. We need the game industry to cover these events when they happen - look at IGN, it’s radio silence from them.”

  • Known . One of three primary instigators to the controversy that eventually became known as GamerGate.
  • Has been known to attack himself online in an attempt to scapegoat people harassing him, but was undone when he forgot to remove his identity from a screenshot.

Here [6] he reacts on Twitter to the acquittal of someone who had been charged with sexual assault, and who had been fired by his employer, saying: The system continues to fail women Law enforcement fails us Courts fail us Legislators fail us Why are you angry?