John Scalzi

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John Scalzi is a science fiction writer [1].

SJW Credentials

  • Denigrated those who "use the phrase Social Justice Warrior or SJW to denigrate someone" on Twitter [2] [3].
  • Apologized to Muslims, on behalf of non-Muslims, for racism in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre [4].
  • Campaigned to expel right-wing writer Vox Day from Science Fiction Writers of America, threatening to provoke a mass exodus of paying SFWA members [5] [6].

"My membership is due and I can't in good conscience renew it until SFWA finds the means or moral backbone or Whatever's ultimately required to expel someone as hateful and wilfully destructive as Day- not just from the organization but from the culture present within it."

"I lie, and generally do not regret doing so." [7]