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[1] Link is from a TIME article that appeared on website.

Jess Zimmerman is a Social Justice Warrior and writer and feminist. [2] See her trying to harm someone: TWITTER quote: "Confidential to Calvin Trillin and Gay Talese: you had a good run, now retire." or "I mean there's nothing especially remarkable about old white men being racist but I don't want to HEAR about it, I don't want it PUBLISHED"

She wrote about Gamergate: and said "This was a big year for man-hating harpies. We drove an innocent young man to kill through the deliberate denial of sex! We ruined the entire videogame industry, forcing developers to replace all current and future titles about sexy women with games about lip gloss and menstruation! We rose up in a frothing bloodrage simply because we didn’t like a man’s clothing choices, which were entirely without wider resonance! We totally invented rape, which only happens in our minds! We even destroyed ethics in journalism. At least, that was our year according to the minds of the whiny, brittle men who genuinely believe “misandry” – the institutionalized hatred of men – is a powerful force in the world. Here in reality, misandry had a big year, too, but it looked a little different. For us, it was a tool to help create a less oppressive future."

In the Guardian she wrote Back in 2007, before Gamergate, before everyone started to grasp that being a woman online was fundamentally unsafe, Kathy Sierra was hounded off the internet. It doesn’t matter what she did to attract the attention of trolls – as with this summer’s outbreak of abuse in the gaming community, the revenge of the trolls was based on a pack of lies anyway. But that didn’t matter – the trolls had been called down. They sent death threats to Sierra, a well-known Java programmer and software design guru, and Photoshopped her head onto pictures of corpses, and Photoshopped her children into porn scenes, and published her private information and address. The only safe thing to do was to disappear as much as possible, although that wasn’t a perfect solution either, because at that point no perfect solution exists. Now, Sierra has returned with a devastating and widely-shared essay (which she says will soon be deleted but is also here), in which she expresses justified hurt and fury at the men who harassed her – and, even more, at those who excused the trolls or looked the other way. In it, Sierra writes of what she calls The Kool-Aid Point, the point where a brand – or a person – gets so popular that it attracts hate purely because people like it.