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Cora Segal is an SJW student at Hampshire College who got very animated and attempted to disrupt Milo and others at a UMASS campus event, "The Triggering".

  • "Cora Segal is an activist originally from Boston, who is currently studying at Hampshire College in Western MA. She was first introduced to social justice through youth-led community-based groups in the Boston area, such as the City School and Sub/Urban Justice. From here, she developed feminist, fat liberation, anti racist, and anti capitalist perspectives, which she believes all play an integral role in working towards collective liberation. As a fatty, she's very eager to see fat justice and all its intersections with gender, race, disability, queer/trans liberation, class, and anti capitalism, become part of radical movements. She currently organizes with various groups in the Pioneer Valley."

Cora Segal

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  • "Swarthmore College hosted a “Fat Justice and Feminism” seminar during which students were told that President Ronald Reagan “fucked everything up” for fat people, that the Body Mass Index was invented by white supremacists and — for good measure — that communism is superior to capitalism… at least for fat people."

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  • ""Thin privilege is a real thing," says Segal."

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