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A successful SJW Point and Shriek pressured the World Fantasy Awards to stop using a caricature bust of HP Lovecraft. HP Lovecraft is a giant in Horror fiction.

The bust of HP Lovecraft

In a nutshell

"Authors say statuette of the notorious science fiction author is inappropriate to honour modern sci-fi and fantasy writers"

"Organisers say new award will ‘represent both fantasy and horror, without bearing resemblance to any person’ after pressure over Lovecraft’s racism led them to drop previous design"

"No reason was given for the change, and no details have yet been announced about what will replace Lovecraft, but authors including Daniel José Older have expressed delight at the news. “THEY JUST ANNOUNCED THE WORLD FANTASY AWARD WILL NO LONGER BE HP LOVECRAFT. WE DID IT. YOU DID IT. IT’S DONE. YESSSSSSSS,” tweeted Older."

A variety of supporters pushing the narrative


"ST Joshi has condemned the World Fantasy awards’ decision to stop using trophies modelled on the controversial writer as ‘the worst sort of political correctness’"

Search the ST Joshi blog for these dates for relevant comments November 10, 2015 November 15, 2015 November 19, 2015 November 24, 2015

"Because the PC Terror wishes to do away with the H. P. Lovecraft World Fantasy Award, Counter-Currents/North American New Right is inaugurating a new H. P. Lovecraft Prize for Literature."

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