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For situations arising from Target opening up womens bathrooms to men.

Bathroom controversy

"Today, we’re proud to announce another important milestone: Target has signed on in support of the Equality Act. Introduced in Congress this year, the bill would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity, and ban discrimination in areas including employment, housing, access to credit, public education and accommodations."

"The Target department store chain has jumped into the transgender bathroom debate by declaring that men who claim to be women may use whatever bathroom or changing room they choose."

Boycott movement begins

Facebook reactions

A few Twitter reactions

An example of the type of thing driving the controversy

In support

"LGBT activists counter that the fears of transgender bathroom opponents are unfounded, inflammatory, and offensive."

"Target's policy is great, it's an excellent example for other businesses and corporations that inclusively will increase your business and draw customers in, said Dean Welliver."

"“I was very shocked when I first saw it,” said Nathalie Olds, who found the sign Sunday afternoon."

Boycott continues

Target Doubles Down

Boycott is having an impact

Alabama town passes ordinance against Targets policy

SJWS Swarm a Photographers business on Facebook with 1 star reviews. The reason: for creating a meme in regard to the Target bathroom decision.


"Police in Frisco, Texas, are asking for help in identifying a man who is accused of recording a girl at the local Super Target."

Yulee, Florida

Bedford, New Hampshire

Revere, Massachusetts

Fairfax, Virginia

Idaho Falls Idaho

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