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Anil Dash is a cofounder of Activate, and CEO and Cofounder of Makerbase and ThinkUp [1].

SJW Credentials

  • Earlier this week, people noticed that Pax Dickinson has been saying horrible things online for a while and then he was held accountable for them. Early on in the discussion, I pointed out that his attempts to act like an asshole had succeeded, and so I became a sort of tangential part of the story, mostly for this tweet and its replies:
  • Wow, didn't realize @businessinsider had hired such an asshole in @paxdickinson.
  • "People who know me know that my offer was sincere, because while I was not trying to get Pax fired (though I certainly am not sorry that he was, and everyone including Pax agrees it was the right decision), I was definitely trying to find some way to understand if a constructive form of accountability could be attached to this incredibly shitty circumstance. I would still like to see Business Insider's management explain how they're structurally addressing their failures that allow a toxic culture to thrive for years with no accountability."
  • My Meeting With Pax

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