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Highly active on Twitter as @AlanahParkin and associated with other SJWs like renowned Antifa activist @SlackBastard. Interestingly, she seems to take a lot of 'direction' from @SlackBastard - he posts the latest target for his SJW-cell and then tags his cell members in a comment. The cell members each go off and carry out their 'specialised tasks'. Whether Parkin is an Antifa member is not clear, but she certainly makes friends with a lot of them on Twitter.

In November 2017, Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) director Richard Wolstencroft published a Facebook post deeply criticizing the recent vote in favour of Marriage Equality.

Alanah Parkin was one of the first to come out and call for a boycott of MUFF and was VERY active in spreading the news on Twitter.

Parkin called upon sponsors like Moondog Brewing, HowlerHQ and Alex Theatre to cut their ties with MUFF.

When Wolstencroft stepped down, she tweeted "Thank you. And thank you to everyone who listened and tweeted and retweeted and wrote articles and emailed businesses so that Wolstencroft could finally be held at least somewhat accountable for all the awful things he’s been saying for decades."

Upon Wolstencroft's resignation, the attacks and hate messages from increased. Clearly not content with his resignation, they continued with their barrage. When a friend of Wolstencroft's stepped in to rebuke his attackers, Parkin called for his sacking as a tutor from a Sydney film school run by the Australian Cinematographers Society.

She emailed the society calling for the tutor's immediate dismissal, and published copies of her correspondence with the Australian Cinematographers Society on her Twitter feed. The tutor was sacked. She tweeted "When will people realise that all they have to do if they wanna keep running businesses is NOT be violently homophobic in a public forum?"

Also in November 2017, retired TV personality Don Burke was accused of sexual assault and bullying on set. Parkin tweeted "If you think Don Burke’s voice on its own is more trustworthy than over fifty women’s voices combined, there’s a good chance you just really hate women."

In December 2017, the Salvation Army caught her ire when she tweeted "Just a reminder that the @salvos are disgusting - please donate elsewhere this Christmas if you care about LGBTQIA+ people and sex workers."

In January 2018, Craig McLachlan, an Australian TV and theatre star, was accused of sexual assault while on a stage production of the Rocky Horror Show, Parkin tweeted "Stop criticising Craig McLachlan’s accusers (& ALL victims of harassment/assault) for “waiting too long” or “wanting attention” or being “money hungry” or “naive” or “lacking street smarts.” We’ve spent too many years blaming the wrong people. McLachlan is the villain. Focus."

and this, "How can anyone read Craig McLachlan’s response and NOT see “guilty” written all over it? Dude is a walking red flag."

Parkin appears to work only as an actress/singer with her YouTube account showing examples of her work, and an IMDB page showing her filmography.